About Us

Our passion is traveling! We believe in providing a personal touch beyond just making your reservations. There is more to travelling than sight-seeing, experience more from your travel…All our agents are passionate and have a great knowledge of the destinations we book for. TALA or star have been our navigation tool from time immemorial and the SKY is our limit for your destinations. Let TalaSky be part of your adventures. We’re in the business of making your travel arrangements hassle-free. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings.

The start of something good!

TalaSky Travel and Tours was conceived in November 2015, following the homecoming of the owner from Canada in August 2015. This agency is actually a brainchild of two siblings on a long drive to the countryside to have a partnership that will make a sustainable difference!  The agency provides professional travel services yet makes the transaction appeal to a personal level. We basically provide the connection between the traveller and the provider of the destination country’s tourism business.

What do we do for our Market?

TalaSky Travel and Tours is out to find the best yet unpopular destinations of our country for our travellers to explore. There are just so much destinations that we have yet to see. We also include the regular tourist destination for the weekend warriors for our offerings. We provide itinerary planning, documentations for visa requirements, hotel reservations, ticketing for both domestic and international destinations. We are a current user of the Amadeus, a GDS uplink tool for travel agencies.

What do we aspire for?

Commitment to Excellence.

We, as a company aspire for excellent service and a value for the worth. We are constantly looking for competitive pricing that our travellers will benefit from. We are also making it as an advocacy to help the local tour operators in our domestic destinations in providing them stable flow of customers. This dynamic play is our core aspiration. Bringing business to our local operators and giving the best value for the buck of our travellers.

Our corporate dress-up...

TalaSky Travel and Tours is on its way to becoming one of the “Magnus Force” in tourism industry. This is our bold claim to glory. How do we do that exactly? We will put our maximum effort in the value formation of our organization by ingraining the Filipino Values in our entrepreneurial aspiration. Of course this is not enough, but the indomitable spirit of Filipinos will be at a large play in the role and our stage will be the technological platform available. We will be marketing our services through the new media that has built the connection matrix of our community. With the help of social media, we believe that TalaSky Travel and Tours will be writing its new profile in a couple of years as we transform to the agency that we project ourselves to be.