Just when I decided to take a leap and travel

I’m a man who’s not interested about travel; I’m a type of guy who worries about money. A man who doesn’t know what travelling stuff is all about. And because I have nothing else to do, a friend asked me to sign up for a travel and tour, to explore with a group of people and places that they have not yet discovered. And then I asked myself. Experience can’t be bought by money, right? There are still things I have not yet done, also there are lessons from new experiences that have become great memories to keep in once personal life. So together with a friend of mine, we signed up for a travel and tour agency that can guide and help us on our journey to the west.

It made me realize that the world is vast and there are lot of things that I don’t know. TalaSky Travel and Tour did the entire job for our travel arrangements, agenda that they plan to us travelers who are so much engross of all the views that they provide for us to see with their efforts. And actually, meeting new people helped me to change, the man who’s not interested and only worries to save money is longer gone and found new chapter in life. Thanks to TalaSky who’s been part on our journey that did all their best to give us a good memorable adventure.

It’s not about travel and money; it’s the moments we should value. Just as TalaSky Travel and Tour have said “There is more to travelling than sight-seeing, experience more from your travel.